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Portuguese Beef was created through a project that aims to promote and disseminate the Portuguese autochthonous breeds, with special emphasis on the Arouquesa, Barrosã, Cachena, Marinhoa, Maronesa, Minhota and Mirandesa breeds.


The project is promoted by the National Federation of Associations of Autochthonous Breeds and is co-financed by the Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization of Portugal 2020 (Compete 2020), under the System for Supporting Collective Actions (SIAC), involving a total investment of EUR 426,637.00, co-financed at 85% of eligible expenditure by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), corresponding to EUR EUR 362,641.45.


The breeds, mentioned above represent a valuable genetic heritage and are mainly raised in the inner regions in low-density territories, reflecting the adaption of animals to the diversity.


The project and diffusion of the brand aim to enhance the differentiation of Portuguese endogenous products, increasing the demand for products of recognized quality with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), whose mode of farming is developed through feeding on natural pastures. 






Located in the north of Portugal, with its headquarters in the city known as "The Cradle of the Nation" (Guimarães), FERA represents 17 associations of breeders giving visibility to 22 of the 47 Portuguese autochthonous breeds and its mission is to protect and preserve them.


The autochthonous breeds, brought up in an extensive regime, assume a prime role in the environmental and landscape balance of regions.


Additionally, once they take advantage of the natural and unique fodder resources of areas with unpaired characteristics, they generate products of high quality and singularity.




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